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At Coolabode we work with home and business owners to provide engaging home automation solutions that fit their lifestyles and budgets.


Our core expertise is in home automation, AV systems, technology, software development, networking, electrical engineering and consumer electronics.


We believe that home automation should be affordable and accessible.


Our solutions are not designed to deliver home automation technology just to be “cool”. We strive to automate and simplify the bustle and complexities of everyday home life and business and the technologies that control these spaces.


We believe that our customers should have the right to to contribute their own products and services to their home automation project. We coach and help our customers to get their home to a level of quality as if we did the work ourselves


We actively encourage customers to get their hands dirty on their project so as to get a better understanding of the solutions we are providing.  We believe our customers’ creativity and perspective will improve the solutions we provide.


Our goal is an excellent experience for all participants, not only as a finished system but throughout the process.  We believe that no question should go unanswered, and that no response should take longer than 24hours.

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